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honestly i think it has less to do with a mysterious lil gay gene and more to do with transmen who know they arent heterosexual “girls” but they find female queer and gay identities/communities to be accessible, comfortable, etc etc before finding language for anything else??

like in the only 8ish years ive been active in online trans communities, ive seen more and more young transmen identify as gay right off the bat because theyve learned the language and basically existence of their gender identity before their sexuality so


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Didnt you use to be attracted to women before you transitioned? Do you think theres something of a "gay" gene in people that makes attracted to the same sex rather than an attraction to a specific gender?

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yea ive thought about that but never applied it to myself. in my case, ive always been attracted to men but somehow ended up in relationships and slept with p much exclusively women, and felt like admitting i was into dudes would either be seen as a joke or something undesirable, because i always had to adhere to the “”masculine”” role in those relationships and like a wimp i didnt want to risk losing that position or the safety i felt lol

there are sooo many queer or gay transmen who had considered themselves exclusively attracted to women before their transition, i wish there were cold hard facts as to why tbh

i didnt want to say i was gay because there is genuinely a very small sliver of me thats into women and truthfully im used to it and it feels safe, but i dont care for relationships anymore, so im beginning to feel more comfortable with gay/gay aromantic and less like a coward with too much protective padding a+ self

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man i rly wanna be straight sometimes cause women are just so great but im gay im like 97% gay i was thinking well i saw like 3 pics of lady gaga today and i was def actually into it but that doesnt mean anything that only makes me feel gayer this is truly a tragedy

gay awakening was a joke until it was not a joke xoxo