listen, i don’t know about you, but the only people I know who actually enjoy the smell of axe body spray are not women. it’s dudes. it’s all dudes. i have worn axe body spray and walked into a room and have been complimented by legions of dudes. axe body spray is an agent of the gay agenda to make men smell better for other men to unlock their latent homosexuality and there is no stopping them now, we’re in too deep and it’s far too late.

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i drew so much gay hp smut between 2002 and 2005 my innocence ruined balls deep ruined

lol i know why ppl headcanon but its only just struck me how socially shitty the hpverse rly was and how oblivious i was to it at the height of a babby nerd obsession cuz boning in empty classrooms was more important